Energy Saving LED Display

Energy Saving LED Display

Outdoor LED display is usual with larger area, power is many times higher than ordinary appliances, dozens of square meters led display can usually reach tens of kilowatts, with numbers of LED display screen increasing, display has become the main force of power consumption in advertising industry, all over the world, every year power consumption on the LED display up to billions of degrees, thus making how to reduce the Led display Screen power consumption to become an important subject in LED display design.

Forever3 LED has developed outdoor energy saving LED display aim at reducing the cost of electric power, and the energy-saving efficiency reached more than 70%.

Energy Saving LED Display

How to achieve energy saving led display?

  1. Unique power supply PCB circuit design to reduce excess voltage consumption power;
  2. Adopt high-efficiency LED, reduce LED Vf value, electric current consumption and improve luminous efficiency;
  3. Adopt high-efficiency constant current drive IC to reduce drive circuit loss;
  4. New system integration design, combined with automatic brightness control and other ways, comprehensively improve the product energy efficiency ratio

It's advantages:

  1. 60% energy-saving ultra-low power design, lowest constant current voltage 0.15V
  2. 4-speed programmable constant current voltage adjustable, On-demand power consumption
  3. Built-in FM-PWM, High refresh, high grayscale, high brightness
  4. 16 grayscale, 281 trillion colors,30s fast response, 65536-grade excellent grayscale performance
  5. Really no hidden light, more vivid colors, Built-in blanking, simpler application
  6. Adjust brightness and change grayscale to maintain color temperature,
  7. Excellent electromagnetic compatibility, low EMI performance

For example, when the P10 is powered by a 5V power supply, the average power consumption is 300w/m2.
For example, when the P10 is powered by a 3.8V power supply, the average power consumption is 100w/m2.
Conclusion: When using high light efficiency LED light 3.8V power supply, about 70% power saving

The basic driver IC has a VDS value of 0.7V, and the conversion efficiency is low, only 70%, and the LED brightness efficiency is only 70%;
Forever3 LED energy-saving products to use FM-PWM technology, low loss, high refresh rate, high grayscale, high brightness driver chip, driving efficiency of more than 90%.
LED utilization = T (LED Light On) / (LED Total Time)
The same brightness, the higher the LED utilization, the lower the current required, and the smaller the Peak EMI, which reduces EMI.

Switching from 5V power supply to 3.8V high-efficiency switching power supply is the result of careful calculation and repeated verification of the electrical performance of the LED display.

  • 3.8V power supply, brightness remains unchanged

The brightness of the LED display depends on the current. Constant current drive products, whether using 3.8V or 5V power supply, drive products reach
After the operating voltage, the current is constantly output, and the brightness of the product is basically the same. The reliability of the 3.8V power supply is confirmed from the display performance.

  • 3.8V power supply, with more load

Furthermore, it is the current that determines the amount of load, not the voltage. When the power supply voltage can ensure the normal operation of the screen, the constant current drive product is current control. The product is made, so the load of the product depends only on the current of the power supply. It is powered by a 3.8V power supply, with more load and proof from actual use. The practicality of the 3.8V power supply.

  • 3.8V power supply, the screen is more stable

Because the normal operating voltage of the LED display only needs 3.8V, the excess 1.2V will be consumed by the column driver IC, which will increase the operating temperature by 15-35%. Reduced service life. At the same time, the heat is transmitted to the lamp through the PCB board, which causes the temperature of the screen tube to rise, which accelerates the display.The lamp failure time of the screen during use. We demonstrate the use of a 4.5V power supply pair through the practice test of thermal shock and high and low-temperature cycle tests.LED display reliability and stability are improved.

How much money do you save annually if you use our energy saving led display?

Energy Saving LED Display

Energy Saving LED Display

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