LED curtain Screen DIP P15.625-15.625 No fan design and Low temperature operation

LED curtain Screen DIP P15.625-15.625  No fan design and Low temperature operation

Product Details:

  • Brand:Forever3
  • Serial Number: P15.625
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Certificate:CE, FCC,ROHS

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 1sqm
  • Average Delivery Time:20-25 Working days after receiving your down payment
  • Payment Method:T/T, PayPal, Western Union
  • Package Details:Flight Case/Wooden Case
  • Ability to Supply:500sqm/month
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LED curtain Screen DIP P15.625-15.625  No fan design and Low temperature operation

LED curtain Screen Features:

LED Curtain Screen, also call led mesh screen, adopt aluminum material and unique heat dissipation design which all guarantee the transparency. The hollow design and strip shape make it even lighter than traditional display. Available in pitch 7.8125/12.5 mm,8.33/12.5 mm, 7.8125/15.625mm, 12.5/12.5mm, 15.625/15.625 mm, 15.625/31.25 mm, 31.25/31.25 mm (vertical/horizontal), This series can be applied in the exterior wall of the building (LED mesh facade), heterogeneous cityscape, CBD, lounge display and stage.


LED curtain Screen





















  1.  No fan design, low-temperature operation, quiet no noise
  2. Ultra-thin box, easy to transport, installation and maintenance
  3. Support front and rear maintenance, installation more convenient
  4. Low power consumption, low heat, energy saving, and environmental protection
  5. Signal, power supply stability, the use of safe and reliable
  6. Efficient and stable, high reliability, long service life


led curtain screen












LED curtain Screen Description:

Ultra Light & Slim

1. Super light and slim: 75% lighter than traditional Cabinet. Also, 7cm thickness is 60% less than traditional screen’s 15cm.

Curtain Intelligent Screen

Grille LED Transparent Screen, Wind Insulation

Quick & Easy Installations

Quick & Easy Installation in 10 seconds, Then the traditional indoor LED screen speeds up to 60 times, Speedy maintenance, Patented structure design, 3 minutes / ㎡Single easy to achieve fast before/after the dimension.

Superconducting materials, thermal performance increased by 80%, The overall irrigation process design, military-grade IP65 full protection, Extreme weather conditions -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ stable work, Only one connector in a box, connection failure rate reduced by 90%, High permeability windproof design, wind resistance level 12, effectively prevent the natural disaster caused by a significant loss.

Perfect Seamless connection.

Every cabinet manufactured by high precision casting magnesium alloy also first-class CNC machines to guarantee the high flatness and seamless during assembly.


led curtain screen




















LED curtain Screen Speicifcations:

Items Parameter Parameter
Product model CP15-15S CP15-31S
Horizontal spacing(mm)                        
vertical  spacing(mm)
15.625mm /15.625mm 31.25mm /15.625mm
Pixel composition SMD 2727 SMD 2727
Resolution( dot/㎡) 4096  2048 
Unit cabinet size(mm)  
Unit cabinet dots 2048  1024 
Pixel per Unit(dots) 32(W)x64(H) 16(W)x64(H)
Color Grayscale (Bit) 14 14
Brightness(CD/㎡) ≥5500cd ≥4000cd
Contrast 1:1600 1:1600
Color temperature (K) 6500-9300 6500-9300
(Brightness adjust) 0-255 0-255
Horizontal viewing angle(°)            
Vertical viewing angle(°)
≥120° / ≥120° ≥120° / ≥120°
The best viewing distance(M)                                                                       15-300 15-300
Max Consumption(W/㎡) 450 350
Average power consumption (W/㎡)                                                                                                                                    135 105
Unit cabinet Weight (kg/pcs)                                                                     8.0  6.5 
Cabinet   Weight (kg/㎡) 16  13 
Frame   Weight (kg/㎡) 8 8
 Unit cabinet  thickness (cm) 6.4 6.4
 Frame  thickness (cm) 6.0 6.0
Installation thickness (cm) 12.4 12.4
 Strips width(mm) 8.8  8.8 
Strips materials  
Transparent  Rate(%) 45% 70%
Frame rate(HZ) 60 
Pixel uncontrol rate <1/10000
 Pixel intensity homogeneity Deviation of the whole screen inhomogeneity,R、G、B<5%  
 Data interface DVI/HDMI
Control mode Synchronous mapping  /  Asynchronous control 
 Drive mode Constant current,static  
Power supply voltage AC 85-250 V
 Life span ≥100000 hours  
Cooling way structure-enhanced, natural convection 
IP Rating (Front and Rear) Double-side IP67  
Operating Temperature(℃) -35 ~+80°C
Storage Temperature(℃) -55 ~ +120°C
 Operating humidity(RH) 10--90%RH
 Frame material  2.0mm cold-rolled galvanized steel sheet  2.0mm 
 Control system Display unit international  
 Installation type Tool-free quick installation 
Fire resistance Full V0 flame retardant  
Maintain speed 10S/unit   
Maintenance mode Frontside and Backside 

LED curtain Screen/Flexible led mesh Applications:

This series can be applied in the exterior wall of the building (LED mesh facade), heterogeneous cityscape, CBD, lounge display and stage. Welcome to contact me for our flexible led curtain price. Thanks!

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