Outdoor Flexible LED Mesh Display with High Brightness 7000cd/sqm for Building Facade Advertising

Outdoor Flexible LED Mesh Display with High Brightness 7000cd/sqm for Building Facade Advertising
Outdoor Flexible LED Mesh Display with High Brightness 7000cd/sqm for Building Facade Advertising

Product Details:

  • Brand:Forever3
  • Serial Number: P15.625-15.625
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Certificate:CE, FCC,ROHS

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 1sqm
  • Average Delivery Time:20-25 Working days after receiving your down payment
  • Payment Method:T/T, PayPal, Western Union
  • Package Details:Flight Case/Wooden Case
  • Ability to Supply:500sqm/month
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Outdoor Flexible LED Mesh Display with High Brightness 7000cd/sqm for Building Facade Advertising

Outdoor Flexible LED Mesh Display Features:

With light-weight and flexible aluminum LED bar design, ATHENA can be creatively applied to building surface and facade. ATHENA is available with both vertical bar and horizontal bar design for user to choose according to the specific needs for the application. It can be mounted on the surface of structures, on top of buildings, in front of glass or even behind glass, achieving good transparency and wind load.

  1. Customization available
  2. Glue feeding structure, IP67
  3. Innovative aluminum profile structure design, reliable and excellent heat dissipation
  4. Quick plug connector, module design and easy to assemble
  5. Loop communication back up, preventing one signal failure from affecting the whole operation of the system
  6. High grayscale and high refresh rate with PWM IC
  7. Wire rope protection design to prevent accidental drop during installation

Outdoor Flexible LED Mesh Display















Outdoor Flexible LED Mesh Display Description:

1. SuperSlim

Weight only 15 Kg/㎡ Traditional is  60 Kg/m2   Steel structure only 10 kg/㎡ Save 80% steel structure than original

2. Ventilation Design

Ventilation Rate  Up to 40%~80% Never worry about the darkness from the window Window and screen no conflict

3.Fast, zero delay

Fast installation: 1m2 installation only takes 10s time for one person 60 times installation speed than traditional. Quick maintenance: 3 minutes for 1sqm Patent structure design Dual maintenance, easy to access.

4. High quality, stable

Adopting Superconducting  Material, heat dissipation performance 80% better before. Whole Potting Design, Military-Level IP67 waterproof Workable under extreme condition 40℃~60℃. One cable for one cabinet, 90% low connection failure rate than before. High ventilation windproof design Wind resistance rating up to 12 degrees Maximum  reduce the big loss caused by a natural disaster

5. Save a Lot if using our outdoor led mesh screen

Compared with normal outdoor LED Display Save 70% steel structurer Save 80% Labor Save 75% freight Save 80% maintenance cost Save 70% energy

Outdoor Flexible LED Mesh Display















Flexible LED Screen Speicifcations:

Items Parameter Parameter
Product model CP15-15S CP15-31S
Horizontal spacing(mm)                        
vertical  spacing(mm)
15.625mm /15.625mm 31.25mm /15.625mm
Pixel composition SMD 2727 SMD 2727
Resolution dot/ 4096  2048 
Unit cabinet size(mm) 500mm x 1000mm
Unit cabinet dots 2048  1024 
Pixel per Unit(dots) 32(W)x64(H) 16(W)x64(H)
Color Grayscale (Bit) 14 14
BrightnessCD/ ≥5500cd ≥4000cd
Contrast 11600 11600
Color temperature (K) 6500-9300 6500-9300
Brightness adjust 0-255 0-255
Horizontal viewing angle°            
Vertical viewing angle
≥120° / ≥120° ≥120° / ≥120°
The best viewing distanceM                                                                       15-300 15-300
Max ConsumptionW/ 450 350
Average power consumption W/                                                                                                                                    135 105
Unit cabinet Weight (kg/pcs)                                                                     8.0  6.5 
 Frame  thickness (cm) 6.0 6.0
Installation thickness (cm) 12.4 12.4
 Strips width(mm) 8.8  8.8 
Strips materials  
Transparent  Rate(%) 45% 70%
Power supply voltage AC 85-250 V
 Life span ≥100000 hours  
Cooling way structure-enhanced, natural convection 
IP Rating (Front and Rear) Double-side IP67  
Operating Temperature(℃) -35 ~+80°C
Storage Temperature(℃) -55 ~ +120°C
 Operating humidity(RH) 10--90%RH
 Installation type Tool-free quick installation 
Maintenance mode Frontside and Backside 


























LED Mesh Screen Outdoor Applications:

Our Outdoor Curtain displays /LED Mesh Screen Outdoor /Outdoor Flexible led Mesh display are ideal for Larger format displays installed onto building facades or rooftops.  Its permeable design allows for abundant light to penetrate through to your room or office space whilst also being super lightweight, self-cooling and wind resistant.

Outdoor Flexible led Mesh display



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