LED transparent screen is same as the LED glass screen?

LED transparent screen is the same as the LED glass screen?

LED transparent screen As the name suggests, LED displays to have the property of transmitting light like glass. Its realization principle is the micro-innovation of the light bar screen, the patch manufacturing process, the lamp bead package, the control system are all targeted improvements, and the structure of the hollow design reduces the blocking of the structural components. , to maximize the perspective effect. Integrate with the environment.

The original outdoor LED screen is a conventional LED display. However, the LED display is composed of a block of modules. Installing an LED display is like a thick wall, which will block the scenery and light. Due to the shortcomings of conventional screens, LED experts have increased the hollowing out the design based on the conventional screen to increase the permeability. The gap of the grid screen can be further developed, and it will evolve into an LED strip screen, also called a grill screen, a sky screen, a wall screen, and a curtain screen. This is a more LED screen for outdoor applications.

Second, the LED glass screen is a high-end customized photoelectric glass that uses transparent conductive technology to glue the LED (light-emitting diode) structure layer between two layers of glass. LEDs can be designed into various arrangements such as stars, matrices, characters, patterns, patterns, etc. according to application requirements. The LED glass display is a kind of curtain.

Third, the following is the difference between LED transparent screen and LED glass screen:

1. Different structure: LED transparent screen adopts SMD chip packaging technology to stick the lamp in the groove of PCB, which can be made into the standard box and customized design and installation according to project requirements.

The LED glass screen is a high-end customized photoelectric glass that uses transparent conductive technology to fix the LED structure layer between two layers of glass. It is a kind of bright screen. It can only draw different graphics (stars, patterns, body shapes, etc.) depending on the project. You can play any video and picture at will like the LED transparent screen.

2, installation application: LED transparent screen can be installed in any place, the compatibility is very strong. The installation method can be hoisting, fixed installation, base installation, and placement.

The LED glass screen installation is to reserve the screen position when designing the building in advance, and then the architectural glass is mounted on the glass frame. There is no way to install an existing glass curtain wall. LED glass screen installation is the installation of architectural glass in the construction of glass curtain wall, which is not convenient for maintenance.

3, product weight: LED transparent screen products are light and transparent, thin PCB thickness, the lightweight of the screen. LED glass screen products have luminescent glass, and the weight of the glass itself is relatively heavy.

4, maintenance: LED transparent screen maintenance is convenient and fast, saving manpower and material resources. There is almost no way to maintain the LED glass screen. It is necessary to dismantle the structure of the existing building, replace the entire glass screen, and maintain high maintenance costs.

LED transparent screen

LED transparent screen

LED transparent screen




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