3D Fan Display

The hologram led fan, is a hit recently. This fan, when it spinning, creates a 3D scene in the air, which wowed the world.

It is believed this hologram display can be used as a screen for advertising, education, etc. It uses the POV technique to cast a picture in the air so that human eyes imagine it as floating in the air.

Currently, 50cm ,70cm 100cm versions are available on our website.


3D Fan Display applications:

The 3D naked-eye holographic fan screen will be suitable for traditional advertising applications such as large shopping malls, specialty stores, bars, theaters, elevators, etc., to help merchants reach the goal of attracting traffic, spreading and sharing advertising content. It is also suitable for individual items with detailed details or rich internal structure, such as watches, porcelain, famous cars, diamonds, jewelry, industrial products, etc. Can also express characters, cartoons, etc., to give the audience a more three-dimensional, clear, layered and uniquely expressive.

3D Fan Display features:

The naked-eye 3D holographic display has a strong stereoscopic effect, the product can be stereoscopically displayed in all directions, the visual effect is shocking and the experience is strong, the eye-catching effect is good, and the advertising effect is excellent; it is widely applied to advertising media, stage background, scientific research teaching, game entertainment, etc. Many industries have strong sustainable development; 3D holographic display products are highly targeted and have good rendering effects; novel equipment technology, lower cost than traditional external display devices; special display principle, low power consumption, energy-saving and environmental protection; APP cluster control, small program application, convenient and convenient; brightness up to (1200Mcd) to meet day and night advertising effects, provide benefits; naked-eye 3D holographic display/ 3D fan display with high resolution and high refresh rate, enhance long-distance viewing.

3D fan display

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