LED Digital Poster Display

LED Digital Poster Display

LED Digital Poster Display

LED Digital Poster Display, also called LED roll-up poster. It is exquisite and compact, easy to handle, and attracts customers from a long distance. The product adopts LED active lighting technology, the brightness is 4 times of liquid crystal and LED rear projection, the full display of 1.920 m X 0.640 m, shock display, 20 m visual distance, information transmission is faster.


 LED Digital Poster Display features:

The LED digital poster display can be used in a single unit, or it can be used in multi-screen cascading to bring a more powerful visual experience. 6pcs led poster stand cascade can be spliced ​​into a 16:9 aspect ratio, the resolution is 1536 points × 768 points (P2.5), 2880Hz high refresh rate, 1200nits high brightness, is 4 times the brightness of LCD screen, 160 ° wide viewing angle, the color reproduction is more realistic.
The control of the digital led poster is very simple and convenient and can be controlled by mobile phone/computer/WIFI/U disk. All devices can be operated through the APP, anytime, anywhere, the content needs to be changed, the play file is stored in the mobile phone, and the upload is completed in 10 seconds. Product design and design excellence, carefully design every detail. The design of each function takes into account the user's actual operation scene, explores the subtle sensory points, and assists the user to use Kexin photoelectric LED mirror products more comfortable.

 LED Digital Poster Display applications:

The product is suitable for a variety of applications and can replace traditional paper roll-up. Applicable to convention centers, shopping centers, conference halls, weddings, performances, airports, stations, supermarkets, restaurants, photo studios, etc., can be used as: advertising platform, emergency notification, instant information release, shopping guide information, supporting service information release The publicity platform and brand demonstration window can completely replace the traditional roll-up.

 LED Digital Poster Display

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