Outdoor Fixed LED Panel

Outdoor Fixed LED Panel

Outdoor Fixed LED Panel

At present, outdoor fixed LED display can be widely used in media, commercial retail, public security, government and business, hotels, schools, stadiums, and other sub-divisions, with its higher display and higher stability, outdoor fixed LED display provides huge business opportunities for powerful and influential engineering companies!


Outdoor Fixed LED Panel Features:

The unique outdoor fixed LED display design is not only independent but also a new atmosphere for the media:

1. Self-adjustment of brightness: The photosensitive control system automatically adjusts according to changes in the surrounding  environment brightness, energy-saving, and environmental protection

2. High refresh rate and high grayscale: high refresh rate and high grayscale make the LED display more realistic

3. Waterproof design for outdoor fixed led panel: unique waterproof box design, IP65 protection standard can be directly installed outdoors.

4. Cluster control management: The cluster control branch network clustering control function. It can control the global display screen in one place, and arbitrarily change the content you want to play:

5. The optical fiber transmission adopts an efficient optical fiber transmission system, which effectively reduces the signal delay caused by the long-distance of the transmission, and ensures the consistency of the picture playing.

6. Dual backup system: power supply and data with dual backup, once the system fails, it can be automatically or manually switched to the standby system without affecting the normal operation of outdoor fixed led panel display

With the continuous development and maturity of small-pitch technology and process, outdoor fixed LED display screens will lead the life to become intelligent. It is an inevitable development. The indoor and outdoor fixed LED panel products will start to be smaller pitch with higher resolution. Higher refresh rate, better color reproduction, can meet more high-end display needs, show better ideas, including better interaction with users through mobile phone WeChat, and integrate users such as AR, VR, touch and other technologies to strengthen users' experience and so on, while also opening up new market space.

outdoor fixed led panel

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