Double Face Round LED Sign

Double Face Round LED Sign

Round LED Sign

Round led sign, also called round outdoor light box sign or circular lightbox sign, it is all outdoor use, high brightness, full waterproof! Can be hoisted, vertical, embedded installation; can be customized for single-sided display and double-sided display design. APP/WIFI/wireless intelligent control;



Round LED Sign applications:

It is a kind of led signage, applicable to all storefronts, for publishing logos, texts, pictures, videos, etc.

Round LED Sign Features:

Dual Face Round LED Display Screen module is made up SMD3535 which consists of Red  LED\Green LED\Blue LED ,then be fixed to plastic kit. The module include Driver IC and Input Buffer IC. It can display video,picture,word once connect to LED Control System. The module could display 16,777,216 colors. The module can be assembled any condition in horizontal direction and in vertical direction,so it can be assembled to any size screen.

1. Round Shape LED Screen

Fashion design with round shape led display, the appearance is beautiful and atmospheric Optional double-sided display or single-sided display.

2. IP 65 Waterproof Design

Iron lightbox with high protection level and good waterproof effect. With waterproof tape around the modules and PVC board on the surface to prevent the rain and dust; The round led sign's brightness is high, making it clear at a glance.

3. Wide Range using Occasions

High brightness for hanging outside of different occasions such as a coffee shop, bars, stores,etc.;

4. Asynchronous System with Multiple Control Method

Support USB disk to download files and playback automatically;

Support remote control by connecting with the WIFI adapter, using the android app, IOS app or PC software to download files;

5. Reliable

the use of high-quality LED lamp beads, Over 100000 working hours for longtime use.

Round LED Sign

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