Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED Screen

With the development of the economy, people's pursuit of beauty is higher. Nowadays, the construction of the city, the beautification of the building, the peculiar shape of the building, and the decoration of the chain stores all need more eye-catching design effects. The glass can improve the close contact between the inside and the outside, and can also bring sunlight to the indoor environment, and the display of the video can enhance the beauty of the vision. The biggest feature of the transparent LED screen is the light transmission, and the light transmittance is relatively high and can display the stunning video effect with high definition.

Transparent LED screen features:

The transparent LED screen adopts the light bar design, and the light-transmitting elements are added to optimize the structural shape. The overall appearance looks more beautiful, the thickness is thinner and the weight is lighter.

1. Transparent LED screen is also called LED glass curtain wall screen; transparent screen unit module can be hoisted and stacked and can be spliced ​​into a large area according to the size of the installation position.

2, it is based on the traditional LED display research and development of new products, it consists of a single LED light bar;

3, high transparency; transparency of 60% to 80%, high transparency, little impact on the lighting of buildings;

4, good heat dissipation performance, lightweight;

5, suitable for building facades, suitable for installation in front of the glass curtain wall.

6, lightweight, ultra-thin, easy installation and maintenance, no structure, cost savings, improve efficiency.

7. Optional maintenance before or after the screen increases the adaptability to the installation conditions;

Transparent LED screen Applications:

Widely used in glass curtain walls, shop windows, shopping malls, terminal buildings, car showrooms, exhibition halls, business halls, 4S shops, office glass curtain walls, etc.

transparent led screen

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